Friday, 8 November 2013

Must I exercise if I’m not overweight?

Most of us have a packed schedule for the entire day, starting from dragging ourselves out of bed, rushing to the office through traffic, slogging away at work till evening, attending to family matters at home and finally attempting to go to sleep at night with all the stress buildup from work and relationships.
We keep thinking how we can get into a schedule that works but are never able to get it right. The answer lies in exercise. Even though your body is fit in appearance, it needs physical activity to stay healthy and to keep your mind working in an efficient manner.

It’s tough at first to incorporate even 30 minutes of exercise in your hectic schedule, but once you squeeze it in, you’ll instantly feel the difference in terms of your productivity as well as energy levels. You’ll get things done more quickly and efficiently both at work as well as at home.

So how does exercise affect your body and mind?
We already know that regular exercise even for short durations can strengthen your body physically. You’ll feel more active and alive boosting you with more optimism and confidence in everything you do. When you indulge in activities such as running or swimming, the breathing rate rises allowing the lungs to take in more oxygen. More oxygen supply to the brain improves its functioning and enables you to think more clearly and concentrate better on the task at hand. Thus, exercising regularly can improve your productivity quite significantly, giving you the ability to take on more tasks and get more work done easily.

Exercising also cleanses away the toxins in the body through sweating and relaxes the tension buildup in the muscles. It is also a natural way to relieve stress and in some cases an effect way to manage anger problems. Relieving muscle tension allows the body to relax and enables you to fall asleep more easily and enjoying an uninterrupted sleep.

Thus, exercising is in fact a must for not only the obese or the overweight, but for everyone to stay healthy and to lead an active lifestyle.

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