Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Regular Dental Check-Ups Are A Must For Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a topic that doesn’t interest us much and we tend to ignore and overlook dental care both at a personal level as well as at a macro level in terms of society. Even as parents, we often don’t pay heed to the oral hygiene of our children, until a tooth ache strikes. It’s not that you don’t care enough; it’s just that there is generally a lack of information and awareness about dental care.
We often see adolescents wearing teeth braces to correct the teeth alignment and avoid haphazard teeth growth. But did you know that if these children could have their dental checkups at an early age, easier preventive measures could have helped them avoid these problems in the adolescent stage leaving aside the general embarrassment and mockery they have to go through wearing braces.

You could say that you ensure that you and your family brush your teeth twice a day and you may feel that’s enough. However, you are not equipped with enough information or the expertise of dental expert to know where a problem may emerge.

Hence, dental check-ups must not only be regular but frequent. How frequent? That’s for the doctor to decide depending upon your overall dental health and the propensity to infections and risks.

What does a dental check-up involve?
We’ve all read stories about the fear of dental pain and about sitting in ‘the chair’. Unless you have a serious problem, there’s no reason why you should feel any pain in a simple dental check up.

The dentist examines your teeth, gums and mouth for any kind of discrepancy or infection. You are asked about any problems with your teeth or any pain that you may have experienced. The dentist will also provide you information about how some of your eating habits may affect your dental health, especially in terms of smoking and alcohol use. You’re provided with the proper way to brush your teeth or floss to ensure optimal dental health and avoid any germ build-up. You can take up any concerns with your dentist regarding your teeth; say a tooth ache, problems in chewing, food lodging between teeth, etc.

Overall, your teeth will only be as good as the care you give them. It is your onus to ensure yours and your family’s health and avail the services of a proper dental care clinic.

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