Thursday, 3 October 2013

Obesity leads to many physical anomalies

In a country like India, where traditionally a bulging belly is considered to a sign of wealth, it is quite tough to put across the idea of obesity as a disease. But we can’t ignore the glaring problems which are now being associated with being overweight and are affecting our lives in a more perceptible manner.

On the surface of it, we might think that being overweight means you can climb lesser steps, walk shorter distances or have trouble finding the appropriate size of clothes. There’s much more to obesity than just routine problems and it’s time that we started looking into the heart of the matter.

Speaking of heart, obesity induces high blood pressure and puts a lot of strain on the heart as it has to pump more blood to the additional fat tissues in the body. Furthermore, people who are obese are ten times more prone to atherosclerosis and coronary artery diseases which results in hardened and narrowed arteries. This in turn can cause chest pain and even heart attack.

Obesity causes resistance to insulin which is responsible for regulation of blood sugar in the body, thus increasing the risk of diabetes. It is in fact the major cause of type 2 diabetes. The additional weight of the chest can cause restricted breathing and respiratory problems and also tends to cause sleep discomfort. Being overweight also increases the risk of various types of cancer in both men and women.

External physical issues such as osteoarthritis and joint problems are most easily attributable to obesity. The excess body weight causes extreme stress on the joints.

While all these above problems aren’t even the tip of the iceberg, there are also psychosocial problems related to obesity. Obese people are often subject to mockery, undue bias and discrimination. While not all, but some overweight people may also find it hard to fit in socially. These factors could lead to conditions of anxiety and depression and may become severely affect the mental health of a person.

However, even if a person is overweight and is suffering from such health and social problems, it’s never too late to work up a turnaround and effect weight loss. Here are a few steps you can begin with:

  • You can begin by eating the right food in the right quantity and choosing healthier options that are more nutritive and beneficial to the body.
  • Combining a balanced diet with a routine of physical activity can show drastic improvements in both physical health as well as the mental state.
  • Know what you eat: Check food labels and nutritive information to understand how it may affect your body.
  • Skipping meals and starving should be strictly avoided and replaced with regular timely meals.
  • Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking.
  • Share your fitness goal with close friends. It always helps to have moral support.
  • Hook up with people with similar goals to work collaboratively.

These steps will allow you to build a strong determined fitness regime and pave the way to holistic wellness and health. While the process will be a gradual and tedious one, you’ll realize it to be a rewarding one when you start feeling stronger and confident. More importantly, you’ll feel free of social anxiety and will be better equipped to face daily challenges. Are you ready to hop on the wellness bandwagon?

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