Friday, 27 September 2013

Weight Loss Programs Always Have Side Effects. Myth?

It has been heard time and again from fitness trainers and people who have experienced weight loss that weight loss programs always have side effects. It is in fact a myth.

People who have lost weight over a period of a few months or a year often talk about the side effects of losing weight such as feeling down, hunger pangs, low energy and psychological effects such as depression.

In order to address this debate and to understand why it’s a myth, we can categorize these side effects as physiological and psychological. The physiological effects include changes in body functions and metabolism while the psychological effects include the changes in the mental state of the person.

When your body loses fat and overall body weight in a short duration, it is natural to feel loss of energy and increase in stress your body is in shock as a result of the drastic changes in your physical activity and nutrition. These factors also depend on the level of change in the body and its ability to adapt.

However, these side effects can be avoided through appropriate and controlled nutrition. The nutrition requirements of the body change with the changes in your physique. It is essential to constantly tweak your diet in accordance with the amount of physical exertion the body is going through. Hence, a proper weight loss program includes directives for nutrition for every stage of weight loss which helps avoid any harmful effects to the body and enable it to adapt to the new fitness and health routine in a smooth manner. For example, an appropriate diet subject to a workout will not only help retain your energy levels and also help in strengthening muscles and body tissues. Also, there are foods which fill you up for a longer duration and ease hunger pangs.

Most of the psychological effects are addressed by nutrition as well. Feelings of depression could actually be a result of inadequate nutrition and low energy levels which can be avoided by filling your diet with foods that flush out toxins from the body allowing energy rich foods to power activeness and happiness.

Hence, aided with the right nutrition plan, the side effects of a weight loss program can easily be prevented.

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