Friday, 16 August 2013

Low carb diet VS low fat diet

A low carb diet or a low fat diet?
Which of these two diets can help you get rid of those love handles and achieve that perfect body?

In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate and discussion around this topic. However, it’s still unclear which one is more effective for losing weight or which one is healthier or even safer for that matter.

For some people who went through a difficult journey of experimentation, both diets have worked at some point of time. There are also those who haven’t benefited from either of the diets. The truth is that each person’s body reacts in a different manner to the food we consume. For example, one may be able to consume food rich in fat and still stay slim while the other person may have a tendency to gain weight by consuming even fat-free foods.

Similarly, different people react differently to various diets. It also depends on how the body processes and metabolizes fats and carbohydrates.

A low fat diet replaces fats with carbohydrate rich foods. In most cases, the carbohydrates we eat are highly processed and are thus quickly digested by the body making us hungry sooner than expected. Also, such a diet lacks flavor and quickly loses its appeal.

A low carbohydrate diet on the other hand focuses on eating fats and proteins instead of carbohydrates. This is based on the theory that consuming processed carbohydrates increases blood sugar in the body which results in a surge of insulin from the pancreas. Basically, this lowers the blood sugar and causes hunger. On the other hand, consuming proteins and fats instead of carbs will ease the hunger for a longer duration.

While both diets are known for enabling weight loss at first, the body tends to adapt to these changes in diet and return to as it was functioning earlier and thus slowing down the weight loss process.

So which one should you opt or should you opt none at all?

The key lies in having a balanced diet, something that we read about at school long ago but never paid heed to. The human body is designed in such a manner that it requires both fat and carbohydrates for proper functioning. It is therefore important to choose healthy fats as well as non-processed carbohydrates in a balanced manner and in moderation.

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