Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Holistic Wellness for Employees

When you hire an employee, you want him to work to the best of his ability. No matter what the season is, he is indispensable at the office: less holidays, more productivity. And then he gets sick and you incur losses, even if it is just for one day. A planned leave is manageable, for you can always fill the gap with someone else but unplanned sick leave puts everyone in a lurch.

This could be averted if employers paid a little attention to their employees' holistic health. Holistic wellness for employees is a necessity these days when the immunity of people has dropped so drastically. Today, everybody is focusing on being slim so much that they forget that it is not just the exterior that needs to look good but also the interior, because that's the essence. While the corporate culture brings with it numerous benefits, it also exposes us to chronic workplace stress. Work pressure and stress leads to poor concentration, irritability and reduced productivity. Job absences definitely are on a rise due to anxiety, stress and neurotic disorders. Developing a healthy workplace can pay off in reversing this trend.
When employees get sick, there is a break in their consistency. Not to forget, their productivity is affected as they can't work to that measure; they miss deadlines and succumb to the pressure. The solution of this problem is to help them avoid sickness by adopting healthy practices.
The one golden rule at workplace should be: reporting to office when you are sick is unacceptable. What happens when an employee does this is that, firstly, he obviously prolongs his sickness by exerting himself and secondly, he passes the infection to others. Both the cases are not in the benefit of the employers. Moreover, it is ethically wrong. Another thing that employers should advocate is corporate health programs designed for employees. Countries like US and UK implement these corporate health programs effectively and help their personnel to reduce the work stress and improve their health.
As long as an employee is healthy and happy, it reflects on his work and benefits the company. Illness and sickness, on the other hand, deflects proficiency. Because companies are dependent on them, it is also their responsibility to indoctrinate healthy practices at workplace. After all, it is better to invest in their holistic wellness than bear the losses by frequent sick leaves. 

The writer is Managing Director & CEO, Perfect Wellness