Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wellness - What is it exactly?

You must have heard the word “Wellness” quite often! So what exactly do we mean by ‘Wellness?’

Is it a state of being free from illness? Or is it a one off service like a spa, yoga, meditation or even an alternate medicine? If you are healthy, happy & wealthy, does it mean your wellness is good?

There can be many conjectures or definitions of Wellness, because it’s still an evolving idea. I would define ‘Wellness’ as taking self-responsibility of your body, mind & soul. Being conscious of the fact that it’s you who is responsible for your wellbeing & in order to achieve supreme happiness & healthiness, you need to take charge of yourself. Thus, in order to achieve this objective, whatever you do, can be called Wellness! Sounds little confusing..?? Ok, let me first try to decode the determination of the Wellness Quotient or Score of an individual:

Body: How is it determined whether we are healthy or not? Perhaps by undergoing some pathological tests, like blood, urine, stool etc., followed by a doctor consultation. Now, this process would tell us our ‘existing state.’ However, we also need to be aware of the potential risks that our body might face in the near future, either because of the environment risks or may be because of some family history. In fact in the near future, gene mapping or DNA analysis would become commercially available, meaning, we can know the risk of a disease that may occur after 10 years, today, because it was all genetically coded inside us, when we were born. Sounds exciting & scary both!!

Mind: Is just being fit, enough to achieve wellness. Probably not! What we think? What’s our attitude? How do we behave with others? How we handle our anger? etc. There are many quotes on Mind, Thinking etc. the famous one being: ‘We become what we think about, most of the time ~ Earl Nightingale.’ Thus, mind plays a very significant role in determining the Wellness Quotient or Score of a person.

Soul: The soul—in many traditional spiritual, philosophical, and psychological traditions—is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object. A common expression often heard is ‘soul searching.’ So basically, I would define it as, the exposure of one’s self to positive spirituality, which can help you elevate from your current state of being to a higher self or a more evolved person.

So, better the ‘soul,’ better would be your mind, leading to a better body. To make it best, do something that you have not done earlier, including a quest to achieve the best Wellness Score. This is what Perfect Wellness will help you achieve. We are coming up with a unique comprehensive assessment program which can determine a person’s Wellness Score by taking into consideration all the above factors.

Wellness would be this century’s biggest revolution!!

Ankit Agarwal

Managing Director & CEO 
Perfect Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


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