Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Our Patients Loves Us - Perfect Wellness

More people are glad to avail the service of Perfect wellness, here is what they say after getting treated at Perfect Wellness

1st July, 2011- Mr. R. B. Sinha (Faridabad):

"We have been visiting Perfect Wellness for a considerable period of time and we find its medical services for Eye Care to be very good!"

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1st July, 2011- Mr. Umesh Kumar Sood (Faridabad) :

"I am very happy to recommend Perfect Wellness for the treatment of eye related complaints. I have been a Glaucoma patient for over 20 years and needed a cataract operation. Dr. Ashu Agarwal performed the operation in June. His competence and calm demeanor is very reassuring. I a pleased to say that I have had a very pleasant experience at Perfect Wellness and have no hesitation in recommending them for their competence as well as caring and courteous service."

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3rd July, 2011- Mrs. Jindal (New Delhi):

"Perfect Wellness is really very good. Dr. Kapil Gandhi is great. His treatment has worked very well for my daughter. I am very satisfied indeed. Keep it up!"

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4th July, 2011- Mr. Puneet Dhamija (Faridabad):

"Thanks for an excellent experience in the purchase of spectacles at Perfect Wellness. Good help to choose the frame as well as lenses appropriate for me. Keep up the good service levels!"

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