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Eye care reviews and testimonials by the patients, these reviews and testimonials will make it easier for you to choose the best eye care hospital for getting rid of any eye problem


27th June, 2011 - Maj. (Retd.) R C Bakshi (Faridabad):

"I am a regular customer. I feel it is a well-organized institution. I am satisfied with the doctors and staff who have attended to me. I wish the institution all the best and May God Bless!"

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Eye Care Review by Maj. (Retd.) R C Bakshi  from Faridabad (Click on Image to see full size)

25th June, 2011- Mrs. G. Sujita Sai (Gurgaon): 

"It was nice to visit your hospital. The staff, technicians and doctors are very passionate and cooperative and polite with the patients. They guided us on the reasons for the changes in eye sight especially in kids and advised us the remedies as with. Thanks a lot for their way of treating the patients."

Original Testimonial

Eye Care Review by Mrs. G. Sujita Sai from Gurgaon (Click on Image to see full size)

 27th June, 2011- Mr. S. Karthikeyan (Faridabad): 

"The service is nice. In fact what was very impressive was the follow-up! I didn’t really expect something of this level of service in Faridabad. Keep up the good work! Special thanks to all the attendants, optical store keepers and the doctor! Great place, nice job, awesome experience! Best of Luck!"

 Original Testimonial

Eye Care Review by Mr. S. Karthikeyan from Faridabad (Click on Image to see full size)

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