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Hyperopia (Farsightedness) Treatment - Refractive Surgery

Treatment of hyperopia or the farsightedness is getting a refractive surgery for vision correction, during the surgery procedure the shape of cornea is changed as per requirements. Read below to understand what hyperopia is and why the treatment of hyperopia is essential?

The hyperopia of the farsightedness precludes seeing close objects. When hyperopia is stabilized, it is possible to consider a transaction relating to refractive surgery.

Farsightedness VS Normal Eye

Hyperopia: the opposite of myopia

Contrary to myopia , the hyperopia is the result of too short distance between the front and back of the eyeball, or a lack of curvature of the cornea. Result, near objects is blurry because the image focuses behind the retina and the hyperopic meeting so difficult to see up close.

Hyperopia: why you need to treat it

Sometimes the difficulties of developing the farsighted are offset by the contraction of certain muscles of the eye, which then increases the curvature of the cornea. In this case, the hyperopic encounter fewer difficulties but this work may cause further muscle symptoms including eyestrain, headaches, difficulty in performing precision work. To overcome these additional effects of hyperopia, you need a hyperopia treatment

Hyperopia: stabilizes around age of 40 years

The hyperopia occurs in childhood, and then fades during growth to return in adulthood. But the farsightedness develops several years before stabilizing at about 40 years. Therefore any intervention is preferable to adulthood, ideally from the quarantine.

Hyperopia: the treatment

The treatment of hyperopia based on a vision correction surgery know as refractive surgery or refractive error correction. It involves removing a portion of the cornea: a ring device of about 5-6 mm internal diameter and 8-9 mm external diameter and 30 to 100 microns thick. This is equivalent to removing 5 to 17% of the surface of the cornea. This removal causes the ring bulge the center of the cornea, thereby correcting the path of light rays through the eye. It is used today for this operation the keratectomy or LASIK.

In practice, the procedure is done in the operating room, but a numbing eye drops in the eye is sufficient for the practice of surgery. After surgery, the patient is twenty minutes in the service and then he can go home together.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Eye Hospital in Faridabad - Perfect Wellness

Looking for Eye Hospital in Faridabad, Come to Perfect Wellness. Previously known as Perfect Vision and is in Operations since last 6 years.

Perfect Wellness Eye Hospital has treated more than 2 lacs of patients till now and established a formidable reputation in the field of eye care, dental care, optical and now earning credibility by providing the physiotherapy services in Faridabad.

Eye Hospitals of Perfect Wellness are present in Faridabad, Delhi and Palwal.

If you are looking for the better eye care services at low cost in your own Faridabad City, Perfect wellness is the best choice for you.

We provide all eye care treatments to the patients from India and Abroad.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Eat Well, See Well - 3 things to eat for better eye sight

We are sure you will never like the vision loss or the complete blindness for your eyes, but your eyes might be loosing the sight slowly without getting you to know because of your bad habits of eating. So before you loose your complete vision avoid bad habits of eating.

To see the world with a good view, its very essential to eat well. what to eat or what not to eat for your eyes mainly depends on the causes of vision loss or the blindness. For example type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of blindness.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Eye Specialist in Faridabad - Choose Perfect Wellness

Looking for Eye Specialists in Faridabad, Come to Perfect Wellness Eye Hospital, providing eye care facilities with a team of world class eye specialists having more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Perfect Wellness eye hospital brings you the state of the art eye care facility at your door step. Our eye specialists and the support staff will provide you the best treatment facility at a cost within your reach.

Getting an eye care, dental care or physiotherapy treatment at our centers will make you to remember the moment every time.

Some of the top eye care treatments available are:

since its establishment in 2004, Perfect Wellness has treated over 2 lac patients successfully and has gained 3 in a row Times Award for the best eye care services in India.

Another reason to choose Perfect Wellness is that it offers the cashless treatment for all eye care, dental care and optical services and products in association with major TPA's (Third Party Administrators).

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Physiotherapy in Faridabad - the wait is over

Physiotherapy center in Faridabad, started by the eye and dental care giant Perfect Wellness, is now open for all physiotherapy treatments and inviting the physiotherapy services seekers from Faridabad and all over India.

Newspaper Publication:
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Physiotherapy center is started for fulfilling the physiotherapy needs of the citizens. With a team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists and latest equipments, Perfect Wellness physiotherapy center will provide the best in class physio care to its patients.

The aim of Perfect Wellness physiotherapy center will be to:

  • Enhance the dignified quality living
  • Promoting be healthy for better life
  • Re-storing and strengthening the body parts
  • Providing cure to pain, discomfort and disability

Keeping in mind the above said aims and objectives, the following services will be provided

  • Orthopedic Condition Management
  • Chronic Diseases Management
  • Neurological Conditions Management
  • Life Style and Fitness Conditions Management
  • Other Injuries such as Pediatric Problems, Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Problems and Occupational Injuries.

For a full list of physiotherapy treatments click: