Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Things to remember during lasik recovery

Like every surgery procedure Lasik surgery also require a good after care for better results and finer eye vision.

Below are the main points to remember while the recovery process:

The Post Op- Visits must not be ignored - post op visits are scheduled by the lasik surgeon starting from the next day of surgery to up to six months, during the visits your surgeon examines the eyes healing process and if  any problem is experienced it is easy to the essential steps towards that.

Restrict some activities - driving, swimming, rubbing of eyes, much exposure of sunlight are the most important activities which should not be performed after up to at least one weak of the surgery, otherwise the healing process may be affected badly and you may need another follow up eye surgery to overcome the effects.

Ask your Lasik surgeon about the lasik recovery process - it will enable you to better understand the lasik recovery procedure and automatically to take care of the daily activities which may have a bad impact on your eyes.

Recovery time - lasik recovery time may vary from patient to patient, in general a lasik patient feels the improved vision within 48 hours, ever the complete healing and recovery of eyes may take up to 6 months.

So it becomes important for lasik eye surgery patients to take care of above said two points for up to at least 6 months.

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